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An innocent priest, a man of God, is brutally murdered – a motiveless crime, or the beginning of a conspiracy that will draw all the world’s nations to the brink of global destruction? Within hours, disgraced former World Security Agent Don Brawn finds himself at the heart of the mystery, charged by himself with bringing a potential mass-murderer to justice.

Don Brawn is the only man we can trust – he can trust no-one.


What people are saying about Cliff Knoetz:


“When it comes to quality, Cliff Knoetz stops at nothing.” x ~ John Self, Asylum

“…a fun, fast-paced spectacular that not even a Cliff critic could fail to enjoy.” ~ Times Online

“There’s thrilling, and … [t]hen there’s Cliff Knoetz. The search for
the next best seller really should end now.”
~ These Glory Days

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